What happens when a teacher sends home a spelling assignment littered with spelling mistakes? We make fun of it!

As the founding Executive Producer of Bite Television, I have built my career in the world of Canadian digital cable… but even I can see it’s changing.  for better or for worse?  We shall see…

Got some pretty fun news today, looks like Tiny Talent Time is up for a Canadian Screen Award!  We’re nominated in the category of Best Children’s or Youth Non-Fiction Program or Series!


Celery prices are skyrocketing!!! How am I supposed to make “bumps on a log”?

I’m single… and happy… and here’s why!

I think New Years Resolutions are stupid… and here’s why:

Our take on the top stories of December 2015:

Apparently there is a law in Finland that prohibits alcoholic beverages from being consumed in the stands of sporting events, which this year included the World Junior Hockey Championships… no wonder Canada lost!

I came across what I thought to be a ridiculous essay as published in Cosmopolitan Magazine about a woman who said she has never had sex for herself, and intead done so to please others her whole life. You can read the ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE. Once I read it, I thought it was prime material so do a sketch on, and thus here it is:

I fell in love with STAR WARS all over again thanks to the release of The Force Awakens. So much so, I took the opportunity to do a couple pieces about it for TheRebel.Media below:

Is BB-8 an R2-D2 replacement?


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