Jul 10

Like many people Sunday is my favorite day of the week… except I have a much different reason than most.  People think I’m crazy when I tell them my favorite thing to do is work, but it’s true and every Sunday I bookend my day with two radio shows.


Wake up with me as I take to the AM airwaves on Newstalk1010 as the host of Sunday Morning Trivia.  A two hour show in which I ask questions to callers, they give me answers and if they’re right they win prizes… so yes, it’s essentially bribing people to listen but I’m okay with that.

Then on Sunday night I move up the AM dial 40 points to find myself on TSN 1050 as the host of The LAW: Live Audio Wrestling.  North American’s longest running professional wrestling and mixed martial arts radio show.  It was my first job in the industry and I continue it to this day!  So in honour of the late great billy Red Lyons I say to you… Don’tcha Dare Miss It! :)


If you like the TV Show “WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?” …you’ll LOVE this show!

This summer I’ll be performing my live show TWO STRIKES the first and third Thursday of every month at Comedy Bar in Toronto.

Six of Toronto’s BEST improvisers compete both with and against one another in this game of comedy survivor.  The audience gets to judge every scene played and eliminate performers one by one til only one remains as the Two Strikes Champion!  Plus we throw in some vodka and vinegar shots or cover the stage in real mousetraps and make the performers do a scene barefoot and blindfolded… we’re not joking… we actually do that!!!  All for the audience’s enjoyment!  Come out to a show and we promise you’ll “LOL” in real life!





NOTE: If you have a coupon for a half-price ticket, please buy your tickets in person at the Comedy Bar box office before the show and your coupon will be honoured.  There are no discounts on advance ticket purchases. Sorry for the inconvenience.  If you have any questions please email Jason@JasonAgnew.com

All shows take place at:


After an incredible first season, Tiny Talent Time is up for a Canadian Screen Award!  We’re nominated in the category of Best Children’s or Youth Non-Fiction Program or Series. Don’t underestimate the power of nostalgia!


The Jian Ghomeshi trial, Justin Trudeau’s budding bromance and a look at the US Republican race… here’s a look back at February 2016

Since I have spent many years covering the world of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, I’m very familiar with the dangers associated with concussions, so I thought I would bring that to the world of politics I wrote for TheRebel.Media

There are a lot of people that believe in Holistic Medicine… well, if that’s the case then perhaps Canada can use an injection of Holistic Economics to help diminish our debt and help out the falling dollar, no?

The Dieticians of Canada have recommend a new 20% tax on beverages with a high sugar content, looks to me like they’re trying to limit to potential of Canadians on the world stage… why? Check out this piece!

My teacher character “Gabriel Moore” makes his 3rd appearance on The Rebel Media for another satire video. This time we set our sights on the Durham Regional Schoolboard and what teachers there do on their professional development days… and most importantly I get to wear a super cool yoga outfit!

Apparently Canada is considering mandatory Indigenous Studies courses in our Universities (I had a hard enough time taking French in high school), so here are a couple other things I think University Students should have to learn about.

2016 kicked off in a crazy way, here’s myself and my co-host Matt Philips as we take a look back at the bizarre world of Canadian politics in January.

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