The World Health Organization has classified processed meats as carcinogens. Here’s our take on the story in the latest edition of “We’re RIGHT… so you’re wrong”!

How do Halloween and the world of Canadian politics come together? Find out in the premier edition of the “We’re RIGHT… so you’re wrong” newscast:

Justin Trudeau is the new Prime Minister of Canada and the world has become infatuated, not with his politics, but with his looks! Does Canada have the sexiest world leader? I find out in a little game called “Who’d You Rather?”

CBC’s Rick Mercer has started an “I WILL VOTE ON OCT. 19” campaign, but should everyone vote? I question that theory in a very familiar looking style.

It’s been said that young people don’t vote. In these segments Matt Philips and I make our way to find the “young people” in their own habitat, Saturday night at midnight in Toronto’s club district… an ideal time to ask them about the election, right?

Blue Jays fever is running wild all across Canada, but what about Election Fever? Matt Philips and I stake out a spot outside the Rogers Centre in Toronto to get some election thoughts from Blue Jays fans.

With the Canadian Federal Election coming up on September 19th, my former “Conventioneers” partner Matt Philips and I return to our old stomping ground of FAN EXPO Canada to ask these super fans about their thoughts on the election because as we like to say … EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

Ontario has put in place a new sexual education curriculum, but what was wrong with the old one? Do people not know anything about sex and the human reproductive system? I give Torontonians an impromptu Sex Ed street quiz.

A girl named Jae West decided to strip down to her underwear and blindfold herself in the middle of Piccadilly Circus in London. She somehow justified it as a way to spread awareness about body image. In my opinion, it was a complete publicity stunt for this girl, who is in actuality an ACTRESS!!!

Here’s the video that got millions of views:

So I figured if Jae West can do it to get publicity, then why can’t I do it to help out my own cause? Here’s my parody in downtown Toronto:

American retail giant Target is setting their sights on gender signage in their stores. Here’s my ridiculous report on the silly story.

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